Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Building Blocks & Solution Capabilities for Spend Control

Following the latest UNIT4 pre-Customer Conference blog: “No Automation without Transformation – Turning Spent Control into Spend Control”. PROACTIS Marketing Director Simon Dadswell discusses the main building blocks and solution capabilities needed for Spend Control (a structured business process that dramatically increases the control and visibility you have over what your organisation spends for all types of goods and services) that work hand-in-hand with existing UNIT4 systems:

  • Information management and access – An eProcurement solution to support Spend Control business processes is built around management of, and access to, good quality base information
  • Workflow and business rules – On one hand, eProcurement processes are about maintaining base information and recording events. On the other, they are much more about facilitating the flow of activity among employees, managers, Procurement professionals, Accounts Payable personnel and suppliers
  • Guided processes – Because employee adoption of an organisation’s eProcurement solution is so important to the Spend Control process, and because many will be ‘non-expert’ users that interact with the system only occasionally, it is very important that the functions they use are extremely intuitive, fast and easy
  • Secure web access – for both employees and suppliers is another key capability needed in eProcurement. Employees need to be able to quickly request or buy things, whether that’s in their office, at home or on a project site. Managers need to be able to approve requests even when travelling

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